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Pippi Longstocking & Villa Villekulla

Pippi Longstocking, a classic children's book and a reminder of children's playfulness and creativity. And what better way to bring the story to life than through the joy of Lego? I recently rediscovered this fantastic story when I started to read it to my four-year-old. The characters and locations that is described inspired me to sit down and build this "doll house" as a place of fun and play. My goal was to capture the feel of a playhouse and at the same time something nice to display. It is important to me that the set is both fun to play with and at the same time something you feel is pleasant to look at. The details in the set is put there with this in mind, so that you always have something new to discover.

List of main features and characters: Villa Villekulla, The Lemonade tree, Pippi, Tommy, Annika

List of characters: Dunder Karlsson, Blom, Kling, Klang, Mr Nilsson (the monky), "Lilla Gubben” (the horse)

I really loved building this and appreciate all feedback you are willing to give. Thank you all and hope you find something you like in this set.


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