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Atom Gyroscope


Turn the wheel and watch the rings spin! Build a model of an atom crossed with a gyroscope, complete with a Lego Earth globe as a nucleus. This model is made up of a brick-built stand, a five-ringed atom/gyroscope built out of Technic elements, and a crank at the side to make the rings gyrate around the nucleus. The rings represent the electron "paths" or "orbits" within the atom, while the globe is the nucleus, the cluster of protons and neutrons in the center of the atom. I built this model using the interesting concept of the atom, the technical design of the gyroscope, and a bit of Lego know-how.

This model, as a set, would be a must-have for science fans, because the entire contraption is based on scientific principles. For example; turning the wheel at the side causes the outer ring to turn, and centrifugal force pulls the next ring around, and that ring makes the next ring spin, etc. And another neat feature: while all the other rings gyrate around it, the nucleus remains in the exact center. All in all, a great model with an interesting and intriguing technical design, the perfect gift for a fan of science. I hope to see it on Lego store shelves soon.

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