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Dyson Demo Store

The Story Behind the DDS
Both, Lego and Dyson, products are well designed and engineered. This simple set is a tribute to amazing products. So here is the first Lego Dyson demo store.

  • 1 Minifigure: flowing hair with Supersonic
  • Large digital motor V9 assembly
  • Dyson logo hanging above the entrance
  • Poster representing flowing hair blow dried by hairdryer assembly
  • "Glow in the Dark" brick as a dust-revealing laser

Model Details
  • 388 parts
  • 12.8 x 12.8 x 12 cm, 16 x 16 x 15.2 studs

Devices in the DDS
  • V15 Detect
  • Fans/air purifiers: Cool Me and Pure Cool
  • Airwrap hair styler
  • Corrale hair straightener
  • Supersonic hairdryer
  • Solarcycle Morph light
  • Cu-Beam lamp

Have fun!

Dyson, V15 Detect, Cool Me, Pure Cool, Corrale, Airwrap, Supersonic, Solarcycle Morph, Cu-Beam are trademarks of Dyson Ltd. This listing is not affiliated with Dyson Ltd.

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