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🚀 SpaceX: Falcon Heavy Rocket 🚀

This is a model of SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Rocket. The rocket was made in 2018, and consists of 3 Falcon 9 reusable engine cores, each one fitted with 9 Merlin boosters. It is a two-stage rocket with a payload at the top. This model includes all of these features.

One of the coolest parts of the Falcon Heavy is its reusability. It accomplishes this with its 4 grid fins(close to the top of the rocket), and 4 folding landing stabilizers. The three boosters of the rocket separate in flight and guide themselves back to pre-determined locations. As was stated previously, these boosters can be used over and over again—up to ten times! The second stage delivers the payload into orbit, and the booster falls back, usually landing in the ocean.

This model, in addition to the rocket, includes a tesla roadster, which was actually sent to mars! It also includes a large scale model of a Merlin engine, a starlink satellite, and an Elon Musk Mini-fig.

I built this model because I have always been fascinated with rockets. Elon musk’s SpaceX represents to me the greatest rocket technology out there, so I thought it would be really cool to make one of his rockets out of Lego’s.

I believe this would be a really popular Lego Ideas set as an addition to the other space related sets. Space is undoubtedly one of the most popular themes out there, and so I believe it would have very wide appeal.

Hope you enjoy;) 🚀 SPACESHIP! 🚀


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