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Log Cabin Vacation Home


Are your minifigures looking for a break from the busy life in your LEGO city and looking to reconnect with their family and nature? Then you should have them rent a stay at this Log Cabin Vacation Home, far away from any big city, where they will have plenty of opportunity to relax and spend time with their family, while listening to the calm sounds of the waves on the lake or birds singing in the trees. Facilities include a kayak and fishing poles, bikes, a barbecue, sunbeds, an outdoor shower, and a platform halfway up the tree, for birdwatching or ziplining into the lake. The inside quarters are not huge, but has room for two adults and two kids on the sleeping loft and four seats by the dining table. The cabin is old, so it is not well insulated, but the fireplace will heat up the cabin just fine. The kitchen has everything you need despite the size, but the people who built the cabin apparently had no need for a shower, so fortunately one has been added to the outside later on. But no matter, your minifigures will probably spend most of their time outside anyway! Hiking around the forest, swimming or fishing in the lake, while the dog chases a rabbit down a rabbit hole. There is always something to do when you are on vacation! I sincerely hope you will consider helping make this build a reality so that you and your minifigures can enjoy it as much as I do!

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   All the walls in the cabin are built completely on the sides, attached to the corners with 1x1 snot bricks with studs on all sides, and a pillar in each corner making it surprisingly sturdy. You can remove the cabin from the base or remove the top of the tree to gain more access to the cabin. To peek inside you just lift off the roof. You can also remove the front gable and the front wall so that the interior is completely open for play. Once inside you can take off the sleeping loft for even more access to the kitchen and the toilet. If you are wondering what the turning wheel on the side of the build is for, it will make a rabbit appear or disappear from a hole under the tree. (Weird function, but I kind of like the idea of the rabbit suddenly coming out and scaring the dog)

   I really enjoyed figuring out how to make a log cabin using the palisade bricks and the round 1x1 tiles with a log print, which really was the inspiration for this build. It definitely was not easy, but think I got as close as possible to the idea I had in my mind and i think it will be a great build and a pretty display peice if it ever makes it onto the shelves. Your vote of support and you sharing the project with other LEGO fans will be much appreciated! Thank you so much for checking this project out!

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