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Wreck-It Ralph Niceland Apartment


"I'm gonna Wreck it!"

Wreck-It Ralph is at it again, smashing up the poor Nicelanders' Apartment! Fortunately, they know who they can count on in their time of need... Fix-it Felix! With his magic golden hammer, Felix can undo even the worst damage Ralph can dish out. So insert a coin and save the apartment, and who knows? You may end up with a nice, shiny medal in the end!

  • This tall building can be taken apart, so that you can recreate scenes in the bottom floor and the penthouse.
  • You can celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game in the penthouse (top floor), which features a multicolored dance floor, a DJ Booth, a potted plant, and a small stage with a green balloon on each side.
  • The bottom floor has two crates to store ammo (for what you may ask? Keep reading to find out!), another potted plant, an abstract sculpture, a staircase (for decoration, doesn't go anywhere), and... oh look! The 30th anniversary cake is finished! Looks delicious, doesn't it?
  • I also included three little catapults to put on top of the building, so Ralph can launch bricks at Felix to dodge. Just a flick of a finger can send them tumbling down!
  • The minifigures included are Wreck-it Ralph (complete with the freakishly big hands), Fix-it Felix (with his magic hammer), and Vanellope Von Schweetz (Because how can you have a Wreck-it Ralph set without Vanellope?)
  • Accessories include the medal awarded for winning the game, the pie that gives Felix a temporary moment of invincibility, Felix's hammer, and several brick pieces to launch with the catapults.
  • The set contains 2357 pieces, including minifigures and accessories.

I think this would make a great LEGO product, as Wreck-it Ralph is quite a popular Disney movie (with a sequel on the way), and this building is iconic of the film. My hope is that this set would appeal to both children and adults, due to the wide appeal of the movie itself, and that the set would be both fun to play with and a great display piece in any collection.

So, can Felix fix the building? Or is it Ralph's turn to get a medal? The decision is up to you!

Please support and share this project with others if you want to see LEGO Wreck-it Ralph become a reality! Keep coming back to this project too, as updates are most likely to come in the future.

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