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Hook - 25th Anniversary Set

This is one BANGARANG set.

On December 11th 1991, the Steven Spielberg film "Hook" flew into theaters and captured the imaginations of children around the world, young and young at heart...
Over two decades have passed since then, and though many things have changed and we have even lost some of the amazing actors who portrayed these beloved characters, this film remains in the hearts of all those who have seen it. Come support this set saluting the upcoming 25th anniversary of one of the greatest films of the 1990's and celebrating the life and work of Robin Williams.

So what does this set include?
This set depicts the movie's climax and perhaps one of the most iconic elements from the film:
The Crocodile Clock Tower.
Also included is a piece of dock with play elements for Peter and Hook to do battle on.

There are also some neat minifigures as well!
Peter Pan played by the late, great Robin Williams
Hook played by the incomparable Dustin Hoffman
Mr. Smee played by the wonderful, late Bob Hoskins
Rufio played by resident bad boy, Dante Basco
and even Tink played by Julia Roberts

This you are a fan of the film, 90's films in general, Peter Pan, or Robin Williams, please hit support.
It's 100% free and 100% worth it.

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I'm off to Neverland!

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