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Lego Universal Phone/iPad Stand

What is it?

This is a universal phone/pad stand that is easy to assemble and adjust to satisfy users different viewing demands. It can also hold various devices as its universal. It provides suitable viewing angle for enjoying videos, reading, video calling, live broadcasting etc. Reduce the frequency of looking down at the phone screen to avoid hurting your back and neck.

Why did you build it?

I built it to help me with putting my phone and iPad on a stand that I can easily adjust to my needs whether I'm watching videos or browsing the web.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?

I believe this is a great product as it can help global sustainability where users do not have to order phone/iPad stands which has various costs. Users can easily benefit from this simple LEGO set and yet save money. It's also very practical and easy to setup.

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