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Mr Moon


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Wind the handle, Mr Moon will roll his eyes as another spaceship orbits him looking for a place to land… "Hooray, we’ve planted our flag!" Oh, looks like Mr Moon blew the flag down again!

Mr Moon is a wind-up toy and a displayable picture, perhaps for a child's room or your office!?

I built this for the LEGO IDEAS 'Out of this World Space Builds' contest. It wasn't lucky enough to be selected. I thought it had the 'Right Stuff' and clearly many of you thought so too. I thank you for all your support and ask you please to join the next phase of Mr Moon's journey!

Mr Moon wasn't always mechanised though, I agonised about my initial idea which was just going to be 'The man in the moon'. I thought I could do a simple Brick Sketches in homage to Chris McVeigh's fantastic concept!

Believe it or not, this didn't quite meet the original lower limit of 150 parts.

I also felt that it lacked pizzazz! So I noodled about adding Classic Spacemen, and microfigures and flags, but it just felt like a perfunctory attempt to win a competition.
After talking with an artist mate of mine [a muggle, or Noffler (Not A Fan oF LEGO) as I like to call them] I decided to try to add some form of movement.
I thought I could make the ship fly around a bit... it was tricky and a couple of attempts failed.
Here, however is a little video of the mechanism I eventually got to work in action:

I would love to hear your ideas for updates and improvements, not only to my model, but to the project description here. If any kindly passing 10K club members had suggestions for how they reached for the stars and escaped Earths's orbit, I'd be delighted to hear how they did it!

If you got this far, please click that support button and help Mr Moon to 10K!

Thank you!

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