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Intergalactic Spaceport

It's a long flight from one galaxy to another. Stop for a break at the Intergalactic Spaceport!

The Intergalactic Spaceport features:
  • 4 levels connected by elevator
  • Dual launch pads to accommodate all types of rockets and aircraft
  • Frying Saucer Astropub for eats, drinks, and swapping stories with fellow travelers
  • Deep Sleep Space Hotel for catching zzzs during your layover
  • Sundry for stocking up on equipment and souvenirs
  • Interstellar Communications Booth for messaging other galaxies and star systems

The Intergalactic Spaceport will appeal to fans of both classic Lego Space...
  • the minifig selections recall Classic Space, Blacktron, Ice Planet, and UFO.
  • the color scheme pays tribute to Blacktron II and Exploriens.
  • the satellites and trans-neon panels resemble a Lego Space set from 30 years ago.
and modern Lego themes...
  • the elevator mechanism borrows from Ninjago City's design.
  • the antenna features are based on Architecture Skyline styles.
  • the shapes of the restaurant, launch pads, and rockets require numerous SNOT, stud-to-stud, and antistud-to-antistud techniques.

Approximately 2,250 pieces

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