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Friends Showjumping Game

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I love boardgames and have dabbled a bit with designing before, so I figured I'd have a stab at a centerpiece for all my daughters Friends buildings, and here it is.

It's a bit sad that Lego have finished up with games as this, to me, presented a massive opportunity. The way it is built allows for many different courses to be designed, and extra fences to be purchased/built. It plays in about 10 to 15 minutes and although simple to learn can be quite deep to play. It certainly is fun and challenging, clear rounds are few and far between but the satisfaction when you do "go clear" is huge.

It has all the elements of Show-Jumping (inc time faults for those that dawdle around!) and has little downtime for players - we have multiple horses on the track, at safe distances. Each fence also has easily removed top tiles that "fall off" if the fence is hit!

The 9 fences all have Lego Themes "City" "Atlantis" "Egypt" etc, and different courses can easily be designed. If the player can imagine the course, they can in all likelihood, build it!

Parallel Bars - one of my favourite designs as they look just the way I'd hoped.

Fence 8 - "Egypt" with Fence 2 - "Aintree" and fence 1 "Waterfall" in the background.

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