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Train 57


The mountains hold many legends and secrets, some about herorism and braver while others tread on the edge of the supernatural. This is one of those sotries that has returned to be heard again, steaming through the valley on a trip that never ends. All beware the Ghost Train.

This project has become a personnel favorite of mine as it is part of a ghost story I have been writing. The train was the first step in the story's construction because I required a visual for the basis of the environment and tone. The images you see above are a combination of the train in it's phantasmal and original form, although the final product will be the ghost form. The orginal form photos show off the detail of the model as it is easier to see it there.

This set includes:

1. Steam locomotive and tender

2. Combine car

3. Passenger car

4. 4 - minifigures

My goal was to make a new type of ghost train from pervious lego sets by giving the model a more realistic look. The colors choosen in the design are to resemble rust, metal with no paint, fire, and the areas where pieces of the train are missing is repsented by the blue because it's the ghost filling in those areas.

There is video on the build of the train on Jimbricked's channel if you would like to see more of the model.

Until next time, I hope you all enjoy the model and have a nice day!






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