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Chocolate Bar

Hey you ! 

Do you like Brick ? Do you like Chocolate ? So you need Chocobrick ... ...If you like it support it

I introduce myself, my name is Maxence and since my childhood there are two things that I love more than anything, it is the bricks and the chocolate :)

Suddenly, I said to myself why not mix the two! And so was born the chocolate bar "Choco-Brick", a sweet project to assemble alone or accompanied, :D
you can store it in your kitchen or on your desk, be careful not to break your teeth while trying to eat it ! ^^

This small construction of only 150 pieces is quite simple in appearance and yet is full of details like the aluminum foil represented by the chrome silver bricks or even the part of chocolate crunched as if someone had finally managed to eat a piece of this tablet ^^

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