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Hotel Boutique


Your next visit to Lego City stay at the Hotel Boutique!

This new and fancy hotel features 6 comfortable rooms, front desk, restaurant, lounge and a swimming pool distributed in 3 floors and a terrace accesible through a working elevator.

First Floor:
Make your check in at the front desk.
Don't have your flight ticket yet! Don't worry, print it using the Laser Printer.
Grab your favorite soda and watch the football game at the lounge room!

Second and Third Floor:
We have six rooms at your disposal, all featuring 4K HD TV and free WIFI. The biggest rooms also include a couch and an all-in-one computer.

Access through the elevator to the terrace and relax in the tempered swimming pool or enjoy a great view of Lego City.

Hotel Boutique measures over 25cm(10'') long, 25 cm(10'') wide and 31cm(12'') high



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