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Lord Of The Rings 3D Map


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Here's a super cool, 3D, detailed Lord of the Rings miniature map. It contains 13 miniatures, the map and a compass. The miniatures are:

-Bag End


-Helms Deep



-Minas Morgul

-Minas Tirith

-Mount Doom


-The Black Gate

-The Lonely Mountain


-Dol Guldur

 It's made up of approximately 2000 pieces. There's bright green which represents plains. The brown is desolate lands. There's blue water and forests with trees made from 3 different greens. Some light grey mountains and black Mordor mountains. There are some green hills around the Shire. The last terrain is very light green swamplands.

As I've said before, I like lord of the rings, and I didn't want (or have time) to make every set, so why not combine them into one? It is a very good decoration set if you want it. You might also use it as a play set. Also it would be a really cool set to build.

I hope you like it and if you do, please support and follow. Thanks!!!

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