Product Idea |

The Bullfrog


Here I attempt to create a bulky, robust LEGO mech with great display and play value.


  • Extremely posable, 17 major joints allow a variety of stable poses.
  • Double jointed heel for extra sturdiness.
  • Rotating shields for even more display variety.
  • Five piece cockpit assembly featuring control rods and monitors.
  • Four-sectioned auxiliary arms can take any shape.
  • Mounted machine gun and cannon .
  • Swamp survival equipments for the pilot (binocular, knife, axe and gun) add play value.
  • Easily customizable armor and weapon.
  • Looks formidable in number.
  • Proportion to minifigure makes it compatible with other vehicles.

Inspirations: Mobile Suit Gundam, Warhammer 40K. Avatar Amp-suit. Chubbybot's YouTube Channel on LEGO mecha building.

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