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Modern Logging


Here's a fun little set that was inspired on the show Swamp Loggers on Discovery Channel. I left out the part of swamp because this would just mean a lot of baseplates. I tried to make it more in to a mountain logging scene adding a lot of BURP's (Big Ugly Rock Pieces) and a Cable Skidder. This became to complicated and not really in the right size compared to the vehicles (the mountain was only twice as high as the roof of the Skidder). 

This set includes:

A skidder with bucket on the front (the driver can face both ways), for hauling logs and paving the road.

A feller with a large spinning blade that can move up and down to pick up the trees and cut them off.

Two loggers, one with chainsaw and one with an axe, and of course a couple of trees.

This set can easily be combined with LEGO 60059 yet the logs are thinner.

Have fun!

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