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Knight Rdier - Goliath


Say hello to Goliath – the armored semi built and driven by Garth Knight. This supervillain of “Knight Rider” has created this semi to demonstrate his power to Michael Knight and F.L.A.G. Using Goliath, Garth managed to almost destroy K.I.T.T. and to invade a secret US army base, called Red Bluff. How was the semi able to damage nearly an indestructible car and to punch the armored walls of Red Bluff? Thanks to its tons and the Molecular Bonded Shell - the same as K.I.T.T.’s!

Goliath comes up with following minifigures:

  • Garth Knight
  • Tsombe Kuna
  • Elizabeth Knight
  • two Kuna’s troopers.

There are also 3 possibilities for an extra building which could be added to the set:

  • The camper in the desert
  • Red Bluff base
  • Garth’s storehouse

But, in my opinion, the best will be Goliath alone, not to make the price of the set too high.

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