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Paddington Brown Brickheadz

Everyone loves Paddington. He's cute and funny, and his mistakes and adventures are laughed at and enjoyed in homes across the world. Naturally, he should be turned into a Lego set!

Paddington Brown is here in Lego Brickheadz form, with his iconic hat and three marmalade sandwiches, two of which are hidden in his easy-removeable hat. He's perfect for reenacting the fun and hilarious scenes in the Paddington movies and books by Michael Bond, like washing windows, chasing criminals, and mixing marmalade. His cute demeanor and durability makes him great for both play and display.

Paddington is built in standard Brickheadz form, with a few modifications on the top of the head to accommodate his hat. Includes standard Brickheadz baseplate for the bear to stand on.

Paddington Bear is intended for ages 10+, and includes 89 peices. Estimated price would be $8.99 or $9.99. Goes well with London Bus (set #10258) or any other London-themed sets.

As I was building with my Go Brick Me set, I thought, why not make a Paddington? After all, watching his movies and reading his books brings me happiness and laughter. He deserves to be included in the line of Brickheadz. So, I built him, using the peices from the set and some from my personal collection. Though making sure he was movie-accurate and durable was a challenge, in the end, I think I ended up with a cute, accurate, durable, and unique Brickheadz.

Thanks for giving me and Paddington Brown your support!

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