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Lucumi Family Home

  • My idea is about a family called Zulu and their house. I was inspired by it when I saw African images and stories. Its structures and the way they live and work caught my attention, I called it the Lucumi family because it has the last name What did I like the most when listening to them?

  • In my idea you can see the family house, a warehouse where tools and corn sacks are stored, a windmill, their crops, and 2 corrals with 3 animals.
  •  In the house there is the kitchen, 3 rooms, 1 for the parents, another for the daughter and the last of the 2 sons.

  •  Includes 5 minifigures and 4 animals
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • 2 Son
  • Daughter
  • Dog
  • 3 Cow

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