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Macross VF-1 Valkyrie +Fast pack / Armored parts

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This is a model suggestion for VF-1 Valkyrie; the distinguished variable fighter from the TV animation "Space fortress Macross".
The Valkyrie is a highly admired pioneer of Japanese transforming robot. The first animation was broadcasted on TV back in 1982. It made a huge impact on both Japanese kids and adult fans alike with exceptional transformation capabilities of changing between the FIGHTER, GERWALK and BATTROID modes. Here I wish to recreate that same emotional ‘‘impact’’, through a single model offering that is able to transform into all 3 modes.

Being an intellectual property with a long history as an animation, many Macross and Valkyrie toys launched in the past and present did not strongly consider construction play as a means to demonstrate or even allow better understanding of transformation functions and designs. Whereas LEGO unique build and re-build play qualities achieves just that and perfectly support endless possibilities for personal recreations to expand on variations of the same model.

I assume it is going to be a big challenge to produce LEGO endorsed models and products inspired directly and created from Japanese animations. However if this entry can successfully gather enough votes to make it into production, then it will be the first official LEGO Valkryrie model that has the potential to introduce greater Japanese animation designs to all fans worldwide and not just limited to animation contents only.

[Update info] 01 Nov 2011
新規バリエーション機として、VF-1S ロイフォッカー機を制作しました。
You tubeに変形動画アップしました!是非、下記URLからご覧になってください。
Now I added new variation of VF-1, VF-1S Roy-Focker Special.
and uploaded the transform sequence video on the You tube!
please watch it on the URL below:

[Update info] 01 Dec 2011
新規バリエーション機として、VF-1J マックス機を制作しました。
Now I added new variation of VF-1, Blue VF-1J, called VF-1J Max-Jenius Special.

[Infomation] 09 Dec 2011
We got an official LEGO comment! please check it out!
Official LEGO comment!

[Update info] 24 Dec 2011
Now I added fast packs for VF-1, now you can see the super Valkyrie, and strike Valkyrie!

[Update info] 24 Jan 2012
ミリア機を追加しました。マックス、ミリア機にファストパックを追加しました。Now I added new variations, VF-1J super valkyrie Max special and Milia special.

[Update info] 01 Mar 2012
Now I added new variations from the movie, VF-1A valkyrie Hikaru special and Max special.

[Update info] 01 Apr 2012
Now I added new additional parts for VF-1, called Armored parts, and you can see VF-1J Armored Valkyrie! hope you liked it!

その他過去のメイン画像等をFlickr, MOC pageにて公開してます。是非ご覧になってください!
You can see more pics on Flickr an MOC page. Please visit my photo pages here:
maxvf1's photo stream
maxvf1's MOC page
Thank you and please support for make it real!

Transform sequence: Battloid to Gerwalk

VF-1J Super Valkyrie and Fast pack hanger dock

VF-1J Armored Valkyrie and Armored parts hanger dock

VF-1J Armored Valkyrie full burst mode and Aromored Gerwalk mode

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