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The Black Battle-Box 12x

The Battle-Box 12x is part of a space war theme im creating. Humans VS droids.
I call it the 12 x due to it beeing 12 x 12 x 12 bricks.
It has 2 operators, 1 of them controls laser canons and missiles, the other controls the 2 "dogs" robot hunters.
Theres a fully functioned cockpit with color maching equipment for what its used for, theres 2 laser canons, 4 missiles and 4 spotlight to be able to fight in the dark.
it opens from the black box to a fully function battle mashine easyli, and can be put in almost every possition. everything bends, twist and turns.
I know it can be a bit difficult to see how it all works, but look closely and study it a bit n just think logik. Its abit hard to see due to much of it beeing in black, and its impossible for me to show it all clearly and in details due to it can do so much and is so big and i only got 5 slots for pictures.

Illustration of how it opens and robot hunters are deployed.

Center black robot hunter is when its in mission mode, and the white below it is how they are folded when inside the cockpit.
The center box in picture with 3 flat tiles are an illustration of the only piece needed to be modyfied, its a black 1x6 flat tile shown in grey and the bottom 1 is how its going to be modufied into, but it should be made in black.

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