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HONDA CBR1000rr REPSOL version

HONDA REPSOL is one of the most famous MotoGP team, and its color scheme is also the most noticeable one. Few people have oppotunities to ride there racing bike RC212V, but now you got the chance to posess HONDA’s flagship production superbike, CBR1000RR, in LEGO works!

It’s about the size of Technic 8420, but weight more 50% as it’s about 900 pcs. (8420 got only 506 pcs). This bike’s skeleton is made by Technic method, and I insist all the basic functions of Technic should be remained. Rear wheel is geared to its engine and pistons. The fork is able to turn. Both front and rear suspension works fine. At the outside, I covered the skeleton with model-team technique, and that’s the hardest part of this creation. I’m glad that I succeeded, even at the hardest part, the head light.

Stickers are the soul of racing bikes, and so does this one. All these stickers are custom made for REPSOL. I know there are many people never use LEGO stickers, but you got to use it this time. It definitely worth it!

Have you ever seen such a sexy tail? I didn't before i finish this!

There are much more pictures of this bike at my MOCpages.

This is not a big set that cost you too much, it's just 900 pcs, like STARWARS 7665. But it's also a great artistic creation, best decoration on your desk. Buy best work with least money, all you got to do is simply vote for it!

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