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IKEA - POANG Armchair


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Rise up the hand who has never used such iconic furniture in his life! Almost impossible!!!

The Poäng is THE wooden armchair that has been sold by the Swedish furniture retailer IKEA since 1978. As of today about one-and-a-half million Poängs are sold annually, and more than 30 million have been produced.

The design of the chair has been changed several times since its introduction. Initially named "Poem," it was renamed to "Poäng" in 1992, and the seat part was changed from tubular steel to wood, which allowed the chair to be flat-packed and led to a price reduction of 21%.

I love this piece of furniture and I like the idea to have a "FORNIUTRE THEME" set LEGO, so why don't start from this?
Help me getting it done!

Thank you/Pester78

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