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Ranger's Lodge


Ranger's Lodge!

Join the Ranger and his family as they explore the jungle from this comfortable lodge. Complete with an explorer's hat (even for Baby Ranger!), they are ready for anything! But watch out for the crocodile, or he might eat your hat...


  • Folding out roof so you can see inside
  • Bunkbed
  • Cooker with an opening door, food accessories
  • Table and computer
  • Plenty of plants (and bugs!) to create an authentic jungle scene
  • A postbox
  • A pitchfork
  • Bow and arrow
  • Lego flag
  • 3 minifigures
  • Paths around the house to access the canoe
  • Ladder to reach the canoe
  • A swing, compatible with the hats
  • A canoe
  • Smoke puffing from the chimney
  • A trunk, bucket and a torch for expeditions
  • A crocodile!

This set has been designed with playability in mind, and we really enjoyed creating it, fiddling with it, and improving it. Many hours were spent looking for just the right piece and fitting out the lodge. So please support us so you can have fun playing with it as we did!

Thank you!

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