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Taco Stand


Hey all, the concept for the set in mind is a taco stand. There are several unique features which differentiate this particular build from otherwise similar build. For starters, while in the past Lego made food carts with hot dogs, drumsticks and ice cream, the set being proposed features a printed taco piece instead. While “Taco Tuesday” was referenced in the Lego Movie, Lego fans never truly saw widespread taco pieces. Tacos can be especially popular in urban settings which would make this idea complement modular and city sets, both current, future and even upcoming Lego Ideas sets. 

The size of this set also puts it in a unique fit. While it is smaller than the food trucks that both Lego has made and that people has proposed on Lego Ideas, it was designed to be more detailed and filled out than food cart sets seen in polybags or small city set boxes, which could be reflected in the final price of this set. Having said that it is a more detailed design than previous food stand, unfortunately it isn’t quite to minifigure scale in its current state, however when building the concept set I felt that the build fit the envisioned design, which is what I believed would make a good set. Clearly, builders who vote for it could easily modify it to their hearts content or Lego could make adjustments as needed. However, after finishing the build, I did make a “wooden board” stand to try to help offset the imbalance a bit. At the end of the day, Lego Ideas is just that: an idea, and as such for the time being this concept will be in place until a better solution comes around.

The build itself features a minifig who has more of a food stand oriented torso and legs as opposed to the often seen standard baker torso. The stand has a mixture of printed pieces and creative elements for decor such as the pepper dish and “cheese” wedge. Other features include trans-orange “hot” grills and pan for cooking with a temperature gauge, a cash register next to toppings, a container compartment, an over hanging umbrella and of course, the printed taco element.

Vote if you’d buy this if it was made into a set, let me know what you think and have a great time building your own ideas! 

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