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The Old Stars Recording Studio

I present you with, The Old Stars Recording Studio. 
This is  a two floored building, not including the roof. 
The first floor is the reception, including a desk, a printer, flower pots, a couple of seats and a set of drawers and cupboards, and obviously stairs too. The outside of the building is decorated with many pieces both on the floor and the walls of the building.
moving on up, the recording studio. This floor has on the outside of the room a few mixing and recording desks, as well as a couch and a set of drawers. there are a few picture frames on the wall and if you look next to the door is a set of stairs taking you up to the roof. Inside the recording room, there is a drum set, a keyboard and sounds machine and a couple of free standing microphones. Either side of the room are a few large speakers. 
The roof is again designed with many pieces.
There are seven figures in total, four band members and three staff. 
I really do hope you like this project, I took in total four weeks to design! Please support and share with friends and family! Thank you! 

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