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City Hotel


When visiting LEGO city, why not stay at the best hotel in town? For business or holidays, busy with work or looking for some well-deserved rest, this modular five-star City Hotel offers you the best accommodation and service. 

The hotel comes with seven minifigures: a porter, a receptionist, a barista, a business woman, a just-married couple, and a retired reporter. The business woman is looking for a place for money laundering and heard there's a place in town near the bank. The just-married couple are on honeymoon and stay in the master's suite to relax after an exciting wedding. The retired reporter follows a trail to recover captain Redbeard's lost treasure, and is looking for directions from someone who "is white as a ghost, and never sleeps at night". Can you help finding the map that leads to captain Redbeard's treasure?

  • The ground floor features a rotating door, a reception area with computer and mail storage, a breakfast area with cakes and a coffee machine, a bar with various beverages, book shelves, and an area with fire place and relaxing chair. Two pieces of modern art work and a white owl statue next to the spiral stairs decorate the first level. There is a hidden compartment underneath the stairs, behind the white owl statue.
  • The second floor features two hotel rooms. The smaller room has a one-person bed and a separate bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. The larger room has a two-person bed and a separate bathroom with sink, toilet and bath. Both rooms have a television, windows on the front side and back side, art work, bed lights, and shared access to the front balcony. 
  • The third floor features the master's suite, with a king size bed, seating area with table, television, a desk, and a bathroom with sink, toilet and bath. 
  • The roof is accessible through a hatch, and features a swimming pool, tanning area, tables and chairs, and a quiet garden area with wooden benches. There are plant and flower decorations all around.
  • The hotel fits on a 32x32 base plate and is compatible with other modular buildings. It has about the same height and depth as the detective office. Stairs connect the different floors. Internal walls at the second and third floor can be removed for improved playability. The "hotel" and year-of-construction "1892" letterings are made from standard lego elements.


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