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LL 920 Spacehopper


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LL 920 Spacehopper:

This is my modern take on the small spaceship that started it all for a lot of us classic space fans, the LL 918. The LL 920 is an all new design, keeping the brick count to a minimum but also keeping the playability as high as possible was a real challenge! It features a roomy cockpit with easy access, a little storage box behind the pilot for his personal stuff and a small but usable cargo bay in the back.

Without the lasers on the wings and including a minifig the brick count is 139! I could reduce this further but then I'll have to remove a lot of details inside the cockpit. The lasers add exactly ten bricks for a total of 149. Of course, the real one would have to have the classic space logo's and a type indication but my LDD skills only go so far :-(.

This little project fits in below my LL 925 and LL 930 projects, which are also posted here on Lego Ideas!

Check them out on the links below if you're interested :-)

That's it for this little ship of mine, I hope you like it and it reaches 10.000 supporters!

Olivier V.


LL 925 and LL 930

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