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The Grand Tazz Plaza


Build Story: Ten years ago I loved building and rebuilding Lego sets it was and still is my favorite thing to do. One day I decided to build something big and unique to me and then I got the idea build a hotel, so I built it. This build was my best and favorite creation I have ever built in my life, ten years later I decided to remake or rebuild the hotel, but to make better. But before building it I decided to take a couple of months to plan it out any when to start building it. After months of planning and figuring out when to build it I finally started to build it in the last week of June and finish building it at the end of July. After finishing the build I wasn't sure at first if it lived up to the first hotel, but when I showed it to my architecture class at school they loved and I decided it did live up to the first hotel.

Build info: The entire build is built on three 32x32 base plates and has two layers of small and large building plates. This version of my hotel is inspired by the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas. The hotel has a total of six floors that includes a restaurant, party room, lobby, eight regular rooms, two family suites, a working elevator, and roof access. The fountain that's in front of the hotel with the dog statue was inspired by the Bellagio fountain as well. The hotel contains ten Minifigures and two animals and they are hotel manager, maid, restaurant worker, two construction workers, a window cleaner, four guest, a owl, and a dog statue.

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