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Giant Minidoll


I like minifigs but I also like Lego Friends Minidolls and would like to have one big enough to be exposed.

In my mind, the idea was to build a giant minidoll to set up on my desk next to my computer. It could as well be exposed in very different places or even be used as a giant in fun stories in the middle of Lego Friends sets.

To build it, it seemed to me that an upsacle factor of 6 or 7 was the most suitable. Neither too big nor too small.
I then made sure that the shape is as close as possible to the original and with the same articulations.

I chose to represent Stéphanie because it's the only character that has not been modified since the launch of the Friends theme.


This giant minidoll is made with a thousand parts and it measures over 34 cm (13.4”) tall.
Like any classic minidoll, my Giant Minidoll has hair, a printed face (includind nose) and articulations on the neck, the arms and the legs.
Face and T-shirt can be customized with different printed parts or stickers.
Some giant bricks are also included.
I hope you’ll like it.

Thanks to support, comment, and share this project.

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