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The Alliance Dance Unit Theatre Stage

Seen here is a stage platform with stage lights and barriers. Mini figs can hold an array of positions and poses which are virtually endless. I based this concept on real life scenarios being a dance choreographer and haven't seen anything like this so thought I'd make it happen. This set consists of only 50 bricks. With your help and support, this set could possibly be the first dance/performing arts/theatre Lego.

Some ideas for other sets:

Studio series (Dance taking place inside) Parts: mats, bars to balance on, equipment
Outdoor series (Dance taking place outside) Parts: greenery, trees, park accessories
Performance series (Dance taking place on the theatre stage) Parts: props, lights

Alliance Dance Unit is a real life dance centre founded by Torron-Lee Dewar with an aim to provide people something positive they can commit to and to take youth away from anti-social behavior and crime.

ADU gives people of all ages confidence, self-esteem and a greater knowledge on performing arts while keeping them fit, healthy and most of all focused.

Below are a few of many formations the mini figures can hold.

Dancers practicing holding a "freeze" position on the stage.

Participants doing partnered Charleston dancing.

Everybody lean back.

Thank you for taking the time to view this concept set.

Your support is very much appreciated !

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