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Star Wars: XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower


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Here is the infamous XX-9 Heavy Turbolaser Tower as seen in the original Star Wars trilogy. It is meant as a companion to the 7965 or 75105 Millennium Falcon but can also make a nice addition to any Star Wars set you own. This construction is essential to recreating any LEGO death star or trench run scene from the movies. It is comprised of 1529 pieces and the cannon section is motorized, allowing you to rotate it at will. This tower has been carefully designed to accurately represent as much as possible what is seen in the movies.

The inner structure uses a combination of Tecnic beams and liftarms, including a turntable to provide a base to hold all of the side panels, motor and power transmission. The original idea was to eventually integrate a linear actuator to drive the angle of the cannons, unfortunately this ideas was dropped but there is still plenty of space within the structure to add those elements. Many of the accessories, for example the ladders and grills, use Studs Not On Top techniques for a more advanced experience.


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