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Brick Beach - Modular Beach Scene

I have collected the last 9 modular buildings and I simply love them all, the only thing I miss in my modular LEGO® town is a small space between with nature scenery.

My choice of building is the scenery of a beach, with the pavement in almost same design pattern as the regular modular buildings, but with a twist.

I have chosen to risen the pavement from the first step, to have a “Mediterranean feel” with detail of clear blue plates as “water” in all the drains. Both in the pavement drains and in the beach shower drains.
I have also chosen to have “cracked” tiles, just to show some wear and tear.

I have chosen gray baseplate to make the illusion of “stone beach”, and also to have continuation of the gray color beneath the pavement.

I have included 1x “easter-egg” which is on the right side of the beach, where a clear brick hide a spider beneath the flowers. The clear brick represent the spiderweb and the possibility to see through to the dark spiders nest.

I have chosen various brown colors on the lifeguard house, this is to indicate wear and tear from the saltwater through the years. Some of the planks have split and is just hanging there.
Beneath the tower it is a crate, which is the crate the lifeguard float came in.

The red flag is changeable from red to white, red when it is “surf time” and white when it is calm.

The banana peel is lose so it is easy to remove or put it elsewhere. A pin to place it on will be “in the way” and will look silly.

The palm trees is designed as sturdy as possible with the bricks available. To make them more natural looking, I had to have at least 8 leaves to make it authentic and colorful. The tree trunk is made inspirated by the birch tree in the LEGO® set #10270 “Bookshop” and the street lamp in the LEGO® Ideas set #21347 “red London telephone box”.

Regarding my choice of minifigures 3 in total. I wanted the lifeguard (Alex) to have red shorts, but I could not find one, so he wears a red “wet suit pant”.

The child (Mia) has regular children beach wear, to protect her from the sun.

The child´s father (Jack) “the surfer” is a hardcore gentleman, who once was attacked by a shark and lost his leg to it. This however will not keep him away from enjoying the waves. With his prothesis he can surf the waves as he used to. 

With the included brick to be placed on the 4 studs in the water, he can be posed as if he surfs the waves.

I have chosen to not design and put in any form of stickers, I have also chosen to have windows without glass in the lifeguard tower, both to strip down the number of bits and costs.

I want my modular beach scene to be a set that is affordable, but still a fun build and a beautiful scenery in the LEGO® modular town.

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