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Riverside Castle

“The family had been rowing their boat for miles, when they finally found an old water tower for shelter. It was tattered, broken and abandoned, however the father instantly knew it would become a great home for them. After many months of renovations, he created a riverside castle, a majestic home that was visible from all over the land.”

Hi everyone! Recently I have started playing a new video game that was based on Japanese Culture, and used it as an inspiration for my newest build! This build was made on and has 4 minifigures.

  • The setting of the build is based around a river that is flowing through the castle. I tried to add further contrast to the land and water by making the water tiled. Additionally, I found a new method of putting slopes around the edges of the build, which I really like and will probably use for my other builds too.
  • The trees were the same as my floating islands build, but a little crooked. I like the design of these trees because they make the build have a majestic and beautiful look.

The Structure:
  • Recently, I built a turtle and in that build I used hexagons for the shell. For this build, I really wanted to take that to the next level and turn the whole built into a hexagon like shape.
  • The larger tower is based on medieval and Japanese architecture. It was really hard to make, especially with the 3 structures jolting out the sides. I decided to use dark yellow as the color of the roof, and because of this, it can be used to give the minifigure a different skin color for greater contrast. 
  • The smaller tower was fun to make, especially the bottom half. For the bottom half, I made the hexagons jot inward to make it kind of like a sloping base. 
  • The roofs for both towers were originally meant to be cones, however, in the process of making it, I decided to turn them into domes. I feel like the dorms give it a better feel, and thought that it really added a lot to the build.

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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