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TacoBell Restaurant

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  This build made on, is a representation of the popular fast food/dining place known as Tacobell. The reason I built this is because I (Number one), am a proud customer of said fast food place. I honestly prefer it over many others. (Number two) It's a popular place. I learned from a recent video, that you wan't to know what people like, then build, then publish. Why do I believe this would make a great set?? The main reasons might include (Number one) It honestly looks awesome by itself. This would definitely be something on my computer desk. (Number two) Custom prints. The custom prints show some of the key components, such as the workers uniform, or perhaps all the tacobell, taco, and burrito wrappers, with some having the delicious food partly out.
  Now for some of the extra things to mention!
1. Rubber gloves. This just shows my humor even in these depressing times. I mean, even Minifigures are prone to it.
2. The flatness. Almost everything is flat. The floor, the outline of the building, and lots of other things. This makes moving all the tables and machines, easy, and gives more of a play feature.
3. Its actually based on an actual Tacobell building. The out side resembles one of its deluxe(?) places, while the inside come's from any average Tacobell.
4.Its easy to build. The whole this is uncomplicated and can be built in less than an hour, in my opinion.
5. More custom prints. instead of using the pesky stickers like some others, I use, prints! This makes it a good way to also get some easy edibles for your Minifigures.

**Does include the brands Cocacola, Pepsi, and Sprite brands**

-Created by LegoCommanderBacara1, AKA Life In Lego

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