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Aquamarine World アクアマリンワールド


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Discover the wonderful ocean planet with Mila, Eric, and Dr.Awanai Kurage (telekinesis Alien Jellyfish). Build, explore, and learn different types of strange marine lifeforms using Aquasub the “Sea Coral 07”.

Idea is to create an underwater world in one little starter set for girls and boys who loves and enjoys playing Marine Biologist or Sci-fi sea adventure.   *Note: It might choose to set up as a playable or displayed set. 

Building Models:  Aquasub (Sea Coral 07) / Oceanfloor / Alien Jellyfish (Age??? from Aquamarine)

Aquanaut Minifigures: Mila (Girl - Age 13 from Aquamarine) / Eric (Boy - Age 13 from Earth)

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