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LEGO Wonders of the World: Egypt, the Pyramid


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Visit the wonders of the world, in lego.

Enter the tomb of the Egyptian mummy, discover the ancient tomb of Egypt.

comes with:

  • One build (Pyramid) 
  • Two Anubis Figures
  • One Horus figure
  • One Mummy figure 
  • One coffin with crowbar and crystal attached with clips.
  • One gold flat tile 1x2 for the top section of the coffin
  • One Brown flat tile 2x2 for the bottom section  
  • One staff 
  • One crystal 
  • One scarab shield
  • One stand with the Canopic jars
  • 3 types of food
  • One small build (which is a papyrus scroll) 
  • One bowl with stand
  • Seven gold coins

The extra accessories can be placed inside the Pyramid for an extra design or fun. 

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