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Modular Terrace

This Modular Terrace is my first moc modular construction. Built on a 16x32 base plate (half size), this build is a terrace style dwelling, having living quarters appropriate for at least two minifigs. As all modular fans we all know that most buildings in the modular range have some form of living space in the upper floors. But after all there are a lot of houses in a city. So that is why I decided to design and construct one too. No city can have too many houses. Further, choosing a house provided me with the ability to decide on a new unique style as houses all possess different characteristics and features. I chose to follow the traditional old school appearance of the current sets I the modular range; with the main detailing done using a series of cheese wedges. 

Don't mind the few white slopes used to make the windows....just ran out of pieces. Meant to be beige of course.

Nevertheless, this building is made up of four floors, all of which can be separated as well as the roof. The bottom floor contains a working garage, large enough for any car a minifig may desire. This floor can be entered through a door on the rear of the building or via a staircase running down from the first floor. Further, this floor has a small storage hatch and a tiled floor to provide a defined walk way. 

The stairs at the front of the building lead up to the first floor. Here there is a patterned rug a small kitchen buried under the stairs and a lounge area. This space has a lounge and a detailed fireplace. It might be small, but its large enough for any minifig to enjoy a nice cup of coffee!! 

Another set of stairs leads up to the second floor where there is a bedroom and a bathroom. The bathroom has a sink and drawers, as well as a toilet, bath/shower and even a toilet paper holder!!

Finally the attic can be accessed by a staircase. It is pretty bare and is only half height...but its attic! A small ladder can allow a minifig to access the rooftop through a window hatch. 

However, I feel this would be a great Lego set to add to anyone's modular collection as not only does it possess unique features not seen in current modular sets but it follows the traditional old school appearance of the current sets. And no city can ever have too many houses, they are full of them!

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