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Christmas Balls Ornaments


Christmas Balls Ornaments

During Christmas holiday is usual to see LEGO sets based on Christmas theme; I saw very beautiful minifigures, wonderful Christmas characters MOC, some LEGO minifigures put inside real Christmas balls, also other Christmas balls made up of LEGO bricks.

What is missed is a set able to assemble these items all together.

Using LDD, with more or less 670 bricks (most of all decorative bricks), I made some Christmas Balls who represent two of the principal Charistmas characters: Santa Claus and the Snowman.

A good idea is the possibility to insert inside the balls, through the windows put on the rear part, a minifigure or, if you prefer, a little gift for somebody.

Other two balls make the set (and your Christmas tree) complete; this two are not openable due to make you able to appreciate the decorations (like the snowflake) and the nice form (like the Santa Claus’ belly ball).

If you like the idea to build this balls with your children and to use these to decorate your Christmas tree, support my idea!!!

Happy Holidays




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