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The Yard Party Inn

Cyclists and bikers will typically stay at this casual room rental facility for an outdoor experience, using the property's yard for small gatherings.
The Inn's main floor has a lounge with 2 sofas each with a coffee table. The second floor offers a kitchen and dining area with seating for up to 4 guests. The third and fourth floors have double bedrooms equipped with beds, night tables and basic storage units. A host is available on the main floor to greet guests and rent out bicycles available on the left side of the building, which is an area also used for renters to park their own bikes.

The design demonstrates the inclusion of many vintage bricks and parts, and they were used to aim for both a modern and retrospective result. This set is useful for builders who enjoy expanding their rural or semi-urban LEGO collections. Placed in a larger cityscape the model's subtle colour scheme will blend well with most other types of City or Creator themed houses and buildings. Owning this set also equips collectors with its sub models including kitchen appliances, patio furniture and a boombox is hooked to a larger speaker system.

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