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Beach Rescue


Beach Rescue

A family is making the most of a day out at the beach. The mom is preparing lunch on a folding table under a sun shade while the children are playing bat and ball. Dad has unfortunately decided to have a go at windsurfing and has had to be rescued on a Personal Water Craft and sled.

Earlier in the day the children have made a sandcastle and have been creating writing in the sand by using stones from the water that is left behind by the tide.

A typical coastal scene is found at the base of the sea wall and on the promenade there is an ice-cream stall and three seagulls are feasting on a bread roll that has been dropped on the floor.

This model is designed to be compatible with the Lifeboat Station that I have also submitted and could be used as the basis for a modular beach build.

Dimensions – 847 Bricks, base Area of 32x64spots. The model includes 8 minifigs, three seagulls, a starfish and a crab.

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