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Glueless Glue Paperclip Container


A desk toy for the lego loving office worker or student!

Why use glue if you can go glue-less? Introducing the glueless glue paperclip holder!
In the shape of a glue bottle but with a twist! when you grab it, it opens up to show you a bunch of paperclips (which are not included) which you can use to bind things together! - things such as paper! without using any liquid glue at all!  - Amazing!

It also serves as a (somewhat) secret compartment, in case you want to store other things such as a USB device that contains all your secret lego MOC designs! or other office supplies such as staple bullets!

It also features a forever twist cap! just like in real glue bottles, the cap will twist, but unlike real glue bottles, these twist forever and ever!

Great gift for office co-workers!

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