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The Alpine Refuge

The Idea.
The project is inspired by an alpine refuge typical of the areas where I live.
Alpine refuges were created to help hikers who in the past crossed the Alps and needed places to spend the night and take refuge in case of adverse weather conditions. In recent decades, with the development of mountain tourism, they have become small hotels which, while offering in many cases only essential services, host not only mountaineers and hikers, but also tourists eager to have a meal during a short trip to the mountains or during a day spent skiing. They usually have basic hotel services: bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and dining rooms for food and lodging.

The Project.
The final idea consists of a two-story building: on the first level, reachable from the outside with a wooden staircase, there is a large outdoor terrace for outdoor dining, the dining room and the room for producing the cheese; on the upper floor there is the bedroom, a bathroom and a mezzanine for storing various objects. Under the building there is a shelter for a cow and a cellar where the typical products of the mountain areas such as meats and cheeses are kept. All the rooms are furnished in a very characteristic rustic style.
The structure of the building is made up of stones and stone on the lower floor, while on the upper floor the predominant element is wood. The four minifigures and the animals present allow you to invent many stories and to use the set also as a game.
I would recommend this game not only for the beauty of the building as an exhibit, but also for its strong green message.

- 4 minifigures.
- 2998 pieces.
- Dimensions: 39 x 20 x 26 cm.

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