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This work started with a single photo. A photograph that brings back memories of the past. In the days of wandering, a huge castle that I had just climbed out of the desert, but it was the pond that stood out before the castle. A fairly large pond at the end of the desert, there wasn't that much water, but the blue water. It's been quite a while, but I still remember clearly.
The water was small, so small building were showing throughout the pond. This work was made of a gate in front of the pond and a small building, which is part of the pond.
The main gate consists of three layers around the passing gate, and consists of various decorations. There is a staircase that goes up next to it.
You can also go up to this floor and look around the pond.
You can see brothers entering the entrance.
The small building in the pond consists of a circular building on a pedestal and a staircase that goes up. The water has gone down. It looks like an island.

I hope this set will give you the opportunity to experience various architectures and customs. Also, I hope it will be an opportunity to be interested in various countries.
Thank you.

2240 blocks
2 minifigure

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