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Modular Minifigure Frame/Display


Many Lego enthusiasts love to display there Lego minifigures in some way shape or form instead of actually playing with them.  I have designed a fairly modular picture frame that would allow users to keep expanding their display with every new purchase they make.  

The base would come with some pre-determined minifigure size capacity.  For example 3 rows by 3 columns supporting 9 figures.  The red border could come in different colors and even the flat white plates could be different allowing users to change the background color for certain minifigures.

The frame would also have a border that can be easily expanding, so if a new "picture-frame add-on" was purchased the user could change the shape of the frame to handle his or her new minifigures.

Each minfigure sits on a stand that can support most figures, even if they have other useful gadgets.  A user could also display their minifigure with weapons or tools or whatever else comes with that figure.  The stand is centered around a 6x8 plate giving lots of room for other props.  A name plate could even be attached on the front.  This would allow lego to sell logo plates for guys like batman or captain america.  


This rendition has 1516 pieces and may or may not be designed to actually support the weight of the frame.  However i only built this on LDD and could not test out the weight support on it.


Hope you guys like the idea!


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