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Three Storeys of History


Go back in time and explore the stories of human history in Lego form!

Three Storeys of History would make a great Lego set because it has loads of mini figures and teaches people about history and has interesting architectural details.

Three Storeys of History is a modern ,modular, city museum with Classical architecture and consists of three storeys depicting the three major eras of human history: Ancient, Middle Ages and Modern Times.

Level 1 - Ancient Times

Tickets Desk with merchandise

Model of Parthenon

Ancient Egypt Diorama

Stairs to Level 2

Busts of Cleopatra and Emperor Augustus

Level 2Medieval, Renaissance, Age of Exploration

Model of 18th century sailing ship

Display rack of medieval weapons

Busts of Admiral Nelson and Blackbeard

Queen Elizabeth I

Stairs to Level 3

Level 3 - Victorian, Wild West, 20th Century

Model of Wright brothers first powered flight

Wild West diorama

Busts of Sitting Bull, General Custer, Abraham Lincoln, Queen Victoria, Albert Einstein and Beethoven

Al Capone

Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon)

Three Storeys of History has the three types of ancient Roman columns: Doric (main support columns at entrance), Corinthian (first floor )and Ionic (second floor) 

1061 pieces, 25 full minifigures (boy, girl, grandpa, grandma, guard, museum employee and 19 `exhibits`)

I love Lego, I love history and I hope you will love Three Storeys of History!

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