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Modern Tram and Platform

Modern Tram and Platform incorporates many different things from a tram platform to an apartment (take a look at the pictures ^). There's a nice small intersection with beautiful landscaping and a food truck area in the open space on the ground floor.

To give you a brief run through of the build...
On the first floor, there is a diner and a food truck alley. The second floor is a single-bedroom apartment with two balconies, a kitchen, and a dining table. The third floor includes the tram platform, a coffee shop, and a fast-food restaurant. There are two entrances/exits on the platform, one on the right and the other on the left side. The platform also has a safety wall to prevent passengers from falling off the platform and plummeting to the street. The trams are futuristic, sleek, have an open and airy design, and are minimalist. The tram has doors that open on both sides, and each tram can seat up to 16 people. The trams can move along the rail!

A phenomenal idea in the making?
When I build LEGO, I always have two guiding principles. First, the design has to be aesthetically pleasing so that it can be a piece of decoration in a room. Second, the set needs to be interactive. I hope I have met these two principles, and I will let my to-be supporters decide!

Every component of this build is interactive, from the tram itself to the food truck alley. The food truck alley can inspire the people who will buy this potential set to build their own unique and creative food truck! Fans can also play with the figurines throughout the entire build itself.

To make this a little more interesting for some, we can redesign the tram and rail using LEGO Technic instead of the original LEGO blocks. This could make the build more exciting and raise the level of difficulty for those who want a challenge!

If you like this build, please consider leaving me some constructive feedback in the comments if that's allowed so that I can hopefully improve on my future submissions to LEGO Ideas!

If you loved this project, please consider supporting it, it's only one short "click," YOU will have made someone's day, and tell anyone on your contacts list about this.

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