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Candy Land - Home Sweet Home



Welcome to the land of sweets! Candy Land will turn 70 in 2019, why not celebrate it playing with a 3D game?

Like many of my generation, I grew up with Candy Land and I remember gazing at the colorful artwork of the board. This model is based on my favorite version of the game, the one released around 1978. The design of this board is very close to the original from 1949 and does not include characters other than the gingerbread movers. This set constitutes the second half of the board and includes two of the movers and two extra figures; another set featuring the Peanut Brittle House would represent the first part of the board and would include the two other movers, yellow and green. To replace the paper cards, this game could be played using a (LEGO) spinner like the one included in recent versions. The game could of course be played with other minifigures as movers. How about the LEGO Friends arriving through a portal (from the Elves Hideaway!) and the Disney princesses flying in in a hot air balloon!

This set features the Lollipop Woods, the Ice Cream Floats, the Molasses Swamp and the Home Sweet Home house. The construction of the house is kept quite simple, it is built with few, large pieces so children of the LEGO Juniors age group could be able to put it together with little or no help. The decorations would be either printed or as stickers for a quick start. The set also includes:

  • A gingerbread family with 4 minifigures: 1 red, 1 blue, 1 pink and 1 sky blue (these last two represent the children)

  • 1 table, 1 bench and 2 stools

  • A freezer cabinet

  • 4 mugs

  • 4 ice cream cones; 4 ice cream flavors

  • 1 chocolate cream pie

  • 2 molasses/chocolate bars

  • 2 ice cream bars

  • 2 kayak floats with round slide shoe parts and 2 oars

  • 1 basket

  • 1 watering can

A couple of parts are intended to be transparent, but I left them solid to simplify rendering: From the kayaks, the round slide shoes and the azure plates; also both smaller lollies in the Lollipop Woods. The set was entirely built using LDD. After rendering, I added the decorations with Photoshop to the best of my ability, so the perspective is not intended to be accurate.

Thank you for stopping by and, if you know a little one who would enjoy playing with this set, please support it and share it! Thank you!

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