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Luxury Executive Limousine


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This is a very accurate interpretation of an ultra luxury, spacious car used by those who have the wealth and the need for luxury while traveling on land. 

I built this model because I love the comfort and grandness these cars bring with them as they drive around. You will notice that this model has many detailed features on it such as a spacious front trunk, rear trunk, opposite opening doors, a privacy divider between the front and rear compartments, and a full-length center console between the rear seats. It also features a unique interior trunk, of my own design, which I imagined as a place for someone to stow their want baggage without the need to walk around to the trunk.

I think this would make an awesome LEGO set because I feel like many people would have fun playing with this and experiencing the never ending luxury provided by these cars. There isn’t a set like this yet and I think it would be a great addition to the LEGO city series.

It would mean a lot to me if you supported this!

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